PLLC „Apparel“ is an affiliated company of „Apparel” group of companies and its representative on the territory of the European Union.
We provide a full package of services in the field of transport and logistics:

  • International delivery of goods by road, rail, and sea.
  • Customs processing of goods, warehousing services at customs terminals in Russia and Lithuania.

We seek to ensure the shortest terms of goods’ delivery and the most saving rate for our customers.
We bear full moral and material responsibility against our customers for fulfillment of all agreed conditions and agreements.
We guarantee honest service to our customers in any situations and solicitous attitude to freight, goods, and documents entrusted to us.


Freight delivery

  • Fast

    Our experience, long-term agreements with the most important carriers allow us delivering cargoes as quick as possible.

  • Reliably

    Uncompromising approach to preservation of freight safety during carriage.

  • Cost-effective

    in every case we guarantee optimum price of services

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