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PLLC „Apparel“ is an affiliated company of „Apparel” group of companies and its representative on the territory of the European Union..


We provide a full package of services in the field of transport and logistics.


Speed for minimum price; time-proved reliability; honesty and understanding of customer needs.

„Apparel” group of companies

„Apparel“, SE performs carriage of automotive vehicles of all kinds and modifications within the whole territory of RF, CIS countries, Europe, and Asia.

  • (Русский) перевезено более 3 млн. автомобилей
  • company is a member of АЭР, IATA, ECG
  • More than 1.700 rail cars-autorack cars
  • Long-term agreements with Transport Service Centre of Russian Railways of the Russian Federation
  • terminal facilities owned by the company

We guarantee honest service to our customers in any situations and solicitous attitude to freight, goods, and documents entrusted to us.

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Warehousing services
  • We are located in Vilnius, Lithuania
    Location of PLLC “Apparel” company’s office in the centre of Europe is optimum for arrangement of logistical services.

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